"Lunar Lagoons built our pool providing superb guidance, dedication, perseverance, and top-quality products in making it just perfect!  Our pool affords our family and friends a place to bond together, have fun, and to be entertained.  The real blessing is to spend time with our grandchildren and to teach them to swim.  We value the ability to enjoy volleyball games, swimming laps, listening to music, and to be totally refreshed on a hot day—and most of all, a peaceful swim together in the evening.  Thank you, LUNAR LAGOONS for a job well done and we wish you a great deal of success in making other customers as joyous as you have made us!"

-Mike & Bev Wilker

"We never dreamt how good retirement would be until we got a pool from Lunar Lagoons. Now we walk out the back door and it’s like being on vacation every time we jump in the water. We can’t believe we waited this long. Lunar Lagoons did a great job installing and getting everything ready for us to enjoy the summer with our family and friends.  The service after the pool was completed is

just as good. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and always ready to help if you have questions about water condition or need equipment checked. Nice people!"

-Steve & Linda Moeller

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