Salt Cell Maintenance 

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Step 1 to fixing a red light on your salt cell:

 Have you cleaned your salt cell recently? We recommend cleaning your salt cell chlorinator once a month with our 'Salt Water Magic Kit.' Your salt cell chlorinator has the potential to have a build up of crystalized salt. This could restrict the flow of water through the cell and can result in a red flow  light. If the salt cell chlorinator has a build up of crystals, it could also have a red, flashing cell light. The 'Salt Water Magic Kit' is an easy two step process. The kit comes with two bottles, 'Cell Protect' and 'Salt Water Magic.' Instead of having to take apart your Intellichlor, you will need to pour the 'Salt Water Magic directly into the skimmer and the 'Cell Protect' evenly around your pool. This will help to break down the crystals that have formed in your cell.

If you have completed step 1 and still have a red light on your Intellichlor, see the steps below: 

Salt Level: Red Light

If your Intellichlor's salt level reads 'low,' this means that you need to add salt to your pool. The amount of salt need depends on how many gallons your pool is. The most accurate way to do this is to get your water tested so that we know the exact amount of salt needed to reach our recommended range of salt (3040-3520 ppm). To get an idea of how much salt (the salt we sell comes in 40 lbs bag) may need to be added to your pool see the chart to the right.

Status: Red Light

If your Intellichlor has a red light flashing there could be a variety of different problems that could activate your cell to send you this signal.
Cold Water: If the 'cold water' signal is flashing it means that your pool water is not 64 degrees or above. If your pool is not warm enough your salt cell will be unable to hold chlorine. There are two ways to increase your pools temperature: allowing the sun to warm your pool or to turn on your pool heater.
Cell: If the 'cell' signal is flashing it means that your salt cell needs to be cleaned or that there is a mechanical problem with the cell. 
Flow: If the 'flow' signal is flashing it could mean that your water level is low. If the water level is below your skimmer it means that your filter is pulling air rather than water. If your water level is at or above your skimmer, your flow signal could be flashing because your salt cell needs to be cleaned (see step 1) and the crystallization is restricting the flow through the salt cell.
If you are still having problems with your salt cell flashing, try resetting your breaker. 
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Sanitizer Output: Red/Flashing Light

The 'sanitizer output' option on the salt cell chlorinator allows for you to adjust how much chlorine is being produced. If you your 'sanitizer output' option is flashing continuously, your salt cell is indicating that your chlorinator is running on low power mode. To 'super chlorinate' hold down the "less" and "more" at the same time. The lights will