Why Choose a Splash Pad?

Interactive Play

Splash pads are designed for fun, direct interaction with elements that allow water to flow, mist, jet, pour, dump, spray, wiggle, and spin, creating unique water formations and creative play only limited by the user’s imagination.


Splash pads are designed to be appropriate for all ages. They include a zero-depth environment, meaning there is very little to no standing water. Furthermore, all structures cannot be climbed and have no pinching points or sharp edges. In fact, no lifeguards are required.

Please note: As with any activity, normal child supervision applies.


We only use non-corrosive materials with UV-resistant, easily maintained coatings designed specifically for outdoor environments and seasonal conditions.

Low Maintenance

Splash pads require virtually no maintenance. All structures and ground sprays have non-clogging nozzles and are all self-draining for easy winterization. Simply flush the system at the end of the water play season, and it will be ready for the next season.

ADA Accessible

Splash pad structures and elements are designed for ADA accessibility and interaction.

Environmentally Friendly

We offer environmentally responsible recirculation systems as well as features such as control valves, timers, and push buttons, so water isn’t wasted when the splash pad isn’t in use.

Whether you require a recirculation or non-recirculation system, there are a multitude of options to choose from to ensure your splash pad will be environmentally friendly.