We’re passionate about pools, and we’re also dedicated to making owning a pool everything it’s supposed to be – easy, fun, and stress-free. 

Our team of local, experienced experts is here to help guide you through the pool-building process and then to help you kick back and enjoy your new pool.

Dominic has been in the pool industry for 10 years. All of Dominic's favorite pool memories were with his family at moonlit parties, which is how the business came to be named Lunar Lagoons.

Dominic Govert


Together, Angela and Dominic own Lunar Lagoons and are passionate about bringing great pool experiences to the surrounding area.

Angela Michael-Govert


Mellissa joined the Lunar Lagoons team in April of 2020. She enjoys helping all of our awesome customers and working with our team that she considers family. A fun fact about Mellissa is that she’s a reality tv junkie.

Mellissa Grunden

Office Administrator

Annie joined the Lunar Lagoons team in July of 2020. She enjoys helping our customers clear their pools through our Chemical Program. Annie describes herself as a 6'1" jungle gym for her 19 nieces and nephews.

Annie Dirksen

Chemical Technician

Coming Soon

Hannah Keuther

Store Manager